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Gage Holland Fire, 8:30 PM overnight report

Holland Gage Fire, May 8, 2011, looking from Big Hill south of Alpine on Hwy 118, photo for KRTS provided by Stephen Bryan & Jennifer Baur.

Fire officials just "flew the fire with a GIS," which means that there was aerial surveillance of the fire with geographic information system. The Gage Holland Fire, which started this Sunday afternoon west of Alpine, is now at 10% containment, with 3,500 acres burned, and there are still 75 structures threatened, referring to the Sunny Glen area on the west edge of Alpine. The Sunny Glen area was evacuated this afternoon, and Route 1703 was  closed. Those orders remain. Highway 67/90 between Alpine and Marfa also is closed. This hour the fire has climbed onto the east side of one of the mountains that faces Sunny Glen.

There was also an evacuation of the Alpine area west of west of Moseley Loop, roughly along Highway 90. Residents may now return to that area.

KRTS appreciates the reports of its citizen reporters, including John Waters of the Big Bend Gazette; which also features fire photos on that website.

Air tankers will likely not fly tonight. Weather conditions overnight are more favorable. KRTS will broadcast updates after the wildfire briefing report Monday morning.

Former KRTS/KXWT News Director