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Fire Update: Tuesday (May 3) 10 AM

Back-burning to combat the Rock House Fire, April 28, 2011

KRTS is pleased to report that the Rock House Fire is almost completely contained. According to Rudy Evenson, a Public Information Officer for the Southern Area Incident Management Team “Everything is still looking really good…we’re still calling it 95% because we want to make sure it’s out before calling it 100% contained.”

Yesterday crews flew over the fire and saw a bit of smoldering on the interior of the fire. However, Evenson said they saw “nothing that is any kid of a threat.” Much of the fire break line was in patrol status yesterday. Fire fighters are also “cold trailing,” which involves running ones bare hands through the ash to make sure there isn’t any heat left in it. The Southern Area Incident Management Team’s strategy at this point is to increase the standard for how wide the line is, and move it gradually inward. With the fire looking at 100% containment, Evenson said crews and engines are being “sent on to other fires or home to rest up.”